Guilty Pleasure


NOT! So, it has been reported that Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell have finally stopped pretending to be in love. The two put out a statement with PEOPLE  saying that they have decided to go their separate ways. We all saw this coming, I mean no one is seriously surprised by this… are they?


Ben’s season was actually the first season I have ever watched of The Bachelor so I took it very seriously (SHAMEFUL). Anway, I was a Jojo fan and was so hurt – just like Jojo – when he sent her home IN THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE! As soon as he picked Lauren I knew they were never going to last – not because I hated her (because I do) but because when they were together it was SO FAKE.

I even watched that- less than entertaining –  FreeForm show, I mean it hurt me to watch. It was so incredibly boring that they had to bring in other former contestants from the show – it didn’t help much. The show made it even more clear these two were just not to be but hey I’d stay in a relationship for a check *Kanye shrug*.

All I am looking forward to is Lauren’s tell – all book about how much she hates Jojo and feel Ben never got over her. Also, would LOVE it if she caught him stalking Jojo and Jordans Instagram. I am sure Lauren is upset but once Chris Harrison calls her with a book deal those tears will dry up!


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Hey Mercury… BYE GIRL

Y’all it is about MF time – I mean I am not sure I could take anymore! Between my stomach virus two weeks ago and my hangover this past weekend, Mercury really had me F’ed up!!!! I am so happy that is officially May and can start off fresh this month.

WHICH MEANS #FIRSTDAYINMAY aka Met Gala Monday PEOPLE! Can you tell how pumped I am??? We all know how I love a red carpet, so this is probably the best day of my life. Being that mercury is OUT of retrograde this means I should be able to enjoy tonights red carpet without any interruptions, correct? Probably not but here is to hoping!


Two years ago I was one of those super fans freaks who stood outside waiting to see people walk the red carpet outside the MET. Even though I got some AMAZE shots and saw a ton of celebs – I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN. Thankfully, ENews will be covering the MET Gala red carpet for the first time LIVE! See, I told y’all this month was going to be 10x better!!!

So, get ready for a great month since last TOTALLY sucked! And to start off May right go take a listen to my new podcast episode on iTunes! Don’t worry I have a guest this week and we talk all about Vanderpump Rules!







Guilty Pleasure

The Hills: Pregnancy 101

I have said it before and I will say it again… I am OBSESSED WITH THE HILLS! By far on of the best TV shows- whether it was scripted or not. And if it was it deserved every Emmy and Golden Globe.

Anyway – it has been 10 years since the show ended and we I find myself looking for a reunion, spin-off – honestly, ANYTHING to have LC,  Heidi, Whitney, Audrina and the rest of the gang all on my screen again. By now I think we finally have something – BABIES! Half of the cast is freaking pregnant.

Lauren Conrad was the first to announce her pregnancy via Instagram – that in itself had people bouncing off the walls. I mean we could have an LC jr. on our hand’s guys!!!! Then Whitney followed ( from what I recall a few days or a week later) that she herself was pregnant! What are the odds that both Teen Vogue interns are preggers at the SAME DAMN TIME? A month or two later Jason ( LC’s ex) announced that his wife/gf/ IDGAF who she is… BUT she is carrying a child as well.

TO TOP IT ALL OFF – last week, Speidi announced that they are FINALLY pregnant. I mean we are being PUNK’d right?? WTF Ashton come out already I am totally on to you! Anway, I feel that this calls for a celebration or a reunion at best, am I right? With Audrina almost a year into being a mother and Kristen already with 3 kids ( GOD BLESS HER), how can we not bring them all together? I even think I heard that Heidi’s sister ( the wannabe hills star) Holly had a baby a few years ago. And I guess we can invite Lo along for the ride… Sorry, Lo!

I think we all need to write into MTV until they give us what we deserve! Because of whatever that anniversary special – the long Kohls commercial for Lauren’s clothing line –  we got this summer from them was BS! Give us a redo MTV… we need it, we want it and we have all earned it!

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Guilty Pleasure

Stop Blaming Kendall Jenner

Okay, so by now we have ALL seen the cringe-worthy Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner. If you haven’t seen it by now you are basically SOL because Pepsi has taken it down because of all the backlash the commercial has gotten thus far.

In my honest opinion, the 2 minute Pepsi commercial was not THAT BAD but those last 30 seconds is really what sent people over the edge and I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. Kendall handing over the Pepsi to the mall cop that was supposed to be a police office was just bad not because he was a cop but because of who she is, sadly. I am sure Pepsi had nothing but good intentions – things just didn’t go as planned or maybe they did and that is the problem.

Speaking of the problem, Kendall Jenner is not that! Pepsi is, it was their creative team, their idea and so on. YES, Kendall is 21 years old and maybe could have a better judgment call BUT if Pepsi offers you a GLOBAL commercial with a VERY high check are you going to turn it down? I didn’t think so. SO STOP blaming Kendall and blame the people who made this entire commercial possible… PEPSI.

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Switching Things Up

For the past 3 years, I have been on and off blogging.  As a young woman, I have always felt as if I have a lot to say – hints to why I started this blog. I have always been passionate about fashion, beauty, pop culture, etc. BUT sometimes I have TOO much to say that cannot always fit in a blog post, so I have decided to switch to something that better suits me.

Jnolaism is making the switch from blog to… PODCAST! Yes, you read that correct – instead of reading my rants you can listen to them. SORRY IN ADVANCE FOR MY ANNOYING VOICE. But I promise you that you will love it and it’s going to be so much better!

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I know I have always taken time off from the blog or gone M.I.A for a while but only because the blog post I would write would be way too lengthy. I knew you wouldn’t want to read them because I barely wanted to write them. So please join me in this move, I think it will be great for all parties involved (especially my fingers). Now if there are certain things I want to blog about I will – so don’t cry I am not gone for good!

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My podcast will be no different from my blog – I will be discussing all things pop culture, reality tv, celebrity gossip and MORE. Each week I will be joined by a friend and we will DIVE into our struggles, along with giving you advice. I know what more could you ask for? So go subscribe and give the first episode a listen and STAY TUNED!

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Guilty Pleasure

Real Housewives Ranked

Anyone who knows me is aware that I am obsessed with reality TV -and if you didnt know then you obviously don’t know me at all! I have probably seen every show and if I haven’t, trust that I will get to it soon. When it comes to favorites I am Bravo girl, give me housewife after housewife and a poor waitress in between – yeah I am talking about you Stassi.


Anyway, I am the biggest housewives fan and have seen most likely every episode. I can talk about them all day and I take it very seriously – this is not a game people! When it comes to talking about them it’s always a fight about who’s the best housewife. So I thought why not TELL you who the best are. This isn’t just my opinion these are facts guys.

  1. Nene Leakes – I mean is this even a question? She has the best one liners, throws the best shade and has totally improved since Season 1 of Atlanta. I mean who doesn’t love ” So Nasty and So Rude”cmonwig
  2. Teresa Giudice – Do I have to say it? She flipped the freaking table over season 1 and has held this show together ever since. Okay… so her and her husband committed a crime – like you guys don’t pretend to not have another stick of gum in your back pocket!teresa-giudice-blows-kisses
  3. Bethenny Frankel –  I can admit that Bethenny hasn’t always been my favorite but when she came back last season and became queen of NY! Why she ever left I have no idea because her talk show SUCKED (#sorrynotsorry) and her marriage did too obviously. anigif_enhanced-4773-1430938663-26
  4. Erika Girardi – She is new and fabulous! Just what Beverly Hills needs – Erika does and says what she wants, she has a gay entourage with her 24/7 and she is RICH. Doesn’t get any better than that!tumblr_o0c1h8wkhs1rlafseo1_400
  5. Vicki Gunvalson – The OG of the OC! Maybe her voice is annoying, maybe her face lift wasn’t the best and maybe she lied about her boyfriend having cancer. WHO CARES, Vicki started this whole franchise (with a little help from Andy Cohen) and we will respect her no matter what!


I know they are amazing – no idea how I put that in order! If you watch the franchise you know there are a lot more housewives but I barely have enough time to watch them all -let alone list them out. This was just a quick ranking of the best and if you don’t watch than you are missing out!



Guilty Pleasure

The Bachelorette Recap – Week 3 : Part 1

Last night was intense to say the least, so many different things were happening. I just want to start out by saying that I am #TeamChad – but let me clarify not team chad for Jojo but team chad in the house and in life. He is a dream of entertainment and honestly the only thing that matters this season. For a moment I forgot I was watching The Bachelorette and thought it was The Chad Show – let’s make this happen ABC!

Anyway, I realized that I don’t know half these guys and I really don’t care. And they all look same so even if I do learn their names I am going to confuse them. I know the guys that matter AKA the ones who will make it to the finally 5  – Jordan, James, Derek, Robby and in my hopes Chad. Alright, enough chit chat – let me get down to business.

  1. Chad’s meat plate needs it’s own Twitter page
  2. Now all the guys want to pretend to workout to stare at Chad
  3. Daniel isn’t here for Jojo, he is here to watch Chad workout
  4. Ew, Alex is wearing a zip-up with NO shirt underneath – HATE HIM
  5. When did Chase get here? He is easy on the eyes
  6. Jojo is the
  7. Uhm this intimate Yoga class is way too intimate for two people on a first date
  8. Oh okay Chase has a six pack – just made my Top 5
  9. This yoga class is too much
  10. Here we go, first kiss of the episode
  11. Jojo really is kissing everyone huh?
  13. Chase is good-looking and seems to have a sense of humor but a tad boring
  14. Does his facial expression ever change?
  15. Chase says he feels completed after one date with Jojo – LOL Okay Chase has mommy issues
  16. YAS, what I have been waiting for the Dog fight between all the boys
  17. “Evan stop talking” Thank you Chad
  18. Alex, you may be a Marine but I don’t think you can take psychopath Chad
  20. But is he lying? No, I don’t think so
  21. Uhh the group date sex talk – I don’t like this episode
  22. Alex is totally setting up Evan with Chad jokes
  23. Welp, Chad is not a happy camper
  24. Why are there so many guys on this date?
  25. Evan is scared for his life, as he should be
  26. And he is really upset about his Hanes v-neck tee that Chad ripped
  27. Oh god Evan you are not good-looking or interesting enough to give an ultimatum
  28. Producers want Chad to stay more than Jojo does, #sorrynotsorry Evan
  29. Why is Jojo pretending to like Evan? HE HAS THREE KIDS LADY
  30. ” Boy’s guess what? Daddy made out with Jojo!” Yeah Evan’s a weirdo
  31. James us a southern sweetheart but will end up in the friend zone
  32. Chad is eating a full sweet potato and a head of lettuce. You can’t make this stuff up
  34. James is insecure, GREAT singer but insecure
  36. Chris Harrison hates Evan just as much as I do
  37. Chad isn’t going home guys, #TEAMCHAD

What did I say? I don’t even know my mind was all over the place. But Part 2 is tonight and even though Chad is steroid raging bully I don’t want him to go home. I guess we will see tonight!

To be continued…