Oh helllllloooooo…

Yes, I know it has been almost a year since the last time I posted. I said I was going to be posting less because of my podcast. Well, less turned into NOT AT ALL – and then my podcast went from every week to every month to every three months to “Do you still have a podcast?’.

Anyone who has been apart of this journey since my Tumblr days (LOYAL AF) know that I take breaks from time to time. Half of it is because I am lazy and forget to post the other (MORE IMPORTANT) half is because I HATE posting/putting out content that is not 100%. When I know that I cannot get a blog post or an episode of my podcast EVERYTHING I have I would just rather step away and come up with new and fresh ideas!

SO HERE I AM – back and better than last time (I cannot say ever because we all know that would be a lie) I am going to be 25 this upcoming August and I need to GET MY LIFE TOGETHER. That means getting back to things that make me happy and are important to me.

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My first step is coming back to the place where I first began speaking my mind and opening up. JNOLAISM has been a safe space for me to talk about what I WANT/WHEN I WANT! Nothing is going to change from the last time I was posting! Pop culture, fashion, beauty, and giving my unsolicited advice are all still HIGHLY important to me.

Sit back, relax and welcome back to JNOLAISM!




Hey Mercury… BYE GIRL

Y’all it is about MF time – I mean I am not sure I could take anymore! Between my stomach virus two weeks ago and my hangover this past weekend, Mercury really had me F’ed up!!!! I am so happy that is officially May and can start off fresh this month.

WHICH MEANS #FIRSTDAYINMAY aka Met Gala Monday PEOPLE! Can you tell how pumped I am??? We all know how I love a red carpet, so this is probably the best day of my life. Being that mercury is OUT of retrograde this means I should be able to enjoy tonights red carpet without any interruptions, correct? Probably not but here is to hoping!


Two years ago I was one of those super fans freaks who stood outside waiting to see people walk the red carpet outside the MET. Even though I got some AMAZE shots and saw a ton of celebs – I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN. Thankfully, ENews will be covering the MET Gala red carpet for the first time LIVE! See, I told y’all this month was going to be 10x better!!!

So, get ready for a great month since last TOTALLY sucked! And to start off May right go take a listen to my new podcast episode on iTunes! Don’t worry I have a guest this week and we talk all about Vanderpump Rules!








Switching Things Up

For the past 3 years, I have been on and off blogging.  As a young woman, I have always felt as if I have a lot to say – hints to why I started this blog. I have always been passionate about fashion, beauty, pop culture, etc. BUT sometimes I have TOO much to say that cannot always fit in a blog post, so I have decided to switch to something that better suits me.

Jnolaism is making the switch from blog to… PODCAST! Yes, you read that correct – instead of reading my rants you can listen to them. SORRY IN ADVANCE FOR MY ANNOYING VOICE. But I promise you that you will love it and it’s going to be so much better!

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I know I have always taken time off from the blog or gone M.I.A for a while but only because the blog post I would write would be way too lengthy. I knew you wouldn’t want to read them because I barely wanted to write them. So please join me in this move, I think it will be great for all parties involved (especially my fingers). Now if there are certain things I want to blog about I will – so don’t cry I am not gone for good!

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My podcast will be no different from my blog – I will be discussing all things pop culture, reality tv, celebrity gossip and MORE. Each week I will be joined by a friend and we will DIVE into our struggles, along with giving you advice. I know what more could you ask for? So go subscribe and give the first episode a listen and STAY TUNED!

New episodes can be found every Monday, here!