Guilty Pleasure


NOT! So, it has been reported that Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell have finally stopped pretending to be in love. The two put out a statement with PEOPLE  saying that they have decided to go their separate ways. We all saw this coming, I mean no one is seriously surprised by this… are they?


Ben’s season was actually the first season I have ever watched of The Bachelor so I took it very seriously (SHAMEFUL). Anway, I was a Jojo fan and was so hurt – just like Jojo – when he sent her home IN THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE! As soon as he picked Lauren I knew they were never going to last – not because I hated her (because I do) but because when they were together it was SO FAKE.

I even watched that- less than entertaining –  FreeForm show, I mean it hurt me to watch. It was so incredibly boring that they had to bring in other former contestants from the show – it didn’t help much. The show made it even more clear these two were just not to be but hey I’d stay in a relationship for a check *Kanye shrug*.

All I am looking forward to is Lauren’s tell – all book about how much she hates Jojo and feel Ben never got over her. Also, would LOVE it if she caught him stalking Jojo and Jordans Instagram. I am sure Lauren is upset but once Chris Harrison calls her with a book deal those tears will dry up!


Look out for next week’s podcast because I will be talking about but for now, listen to this weeks on iTunes!




Guilty Pleasure

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With everything going on in the world is it nice to just escape and go to a different place. I usually do that with my TV shows but sometimes I need a break.

I am sure it is hard to believe that a girl so obsessed and consumed with pop culture, reality tv and fashion enjoys reading. BUT SURPRISE, I do – actually I have made a goal for myself this year to read 15 books and I am up to 7. SO yeah, you can say I’m some kind of genius… NOT.


Anyway, here are a few of my favorite books I think you all will enjoy!

  • Luckiest Girl Alive 
    • I finished this book in a week! Such a page turner – the beginning is a little slow but once it picks up it doesn’t slow down until the last page.
  • Maybe In Another Life 
    • This book gave me so many feelings about life and planning for the future. It was my first read of 2017. If you are already getting ready for summer and picking beach reads this is one! It has it all: love, friendship, heartbreak, loss –  EVERYTHING.
  • Good As Gone 
    • Talk about ANXIETY – basically Jon Benet if she would have lived…. too soon? Whatever,  this book focuses on kidnapping and a mother’s lost connection with her daughter.
  • In a Dark, Dark Wood
    • A girl at work told me to read this and I am so glad I listened! Bachelorette party, love triangle and murder????? What more can you ask for?!

Give these books a try and add them to your reading list,  you will not be disappointed and if you are… oh well. Also, if you enjoy reading and keeping up with your books, GoodReads is a great website! You can add all the books you have read/are reading while looking for your next book and checking reviews.

Enjoy y’all,


Guilty Pleasure

Stop Blaming Kendall Jenner

Okay, so by now we have ALL seen the cringe-worthy Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner. If you haven’t seen it by now you are basically SOL because Pepsi has taken it down because of all the backlash the commercial has gotten thus far.

In my honest opinion, the 2 minute Pepsi commercial was not THAT BAD but those last 30 seconds is really what sent people over the edge and I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. Kendall handing over the Pepsi to the mall cop that was supposed to be a police office was just bad not because he was a cop but because of who she is, sadly. I am sure Pepsi had nothing but good intentions – things just didn’t go as planned or maybe they did and that is the problem.

Speaking of the problem, Kendall Jenner is not that! Pepsi is, it was their creative team, their idea and so on. YES, Kendall is 21 years old and maybe could have a better judgment call BUT if Pepsi offers you a GLOBAL commercial with a VERY high check are you going to turn it down? I didn’t think so. SO STOP blaming Kendall and blame the people who made this entire commercial possible… PEPSI.

If you would like to know more of my thoughts on this situation go take a listen to my podcast this week,  here!



Guilty Pleasure

It’s October 3rd

If you do not understand the reference to today’s blog post you are either a) too young, b) too old or c) an idiot. Whichever one you are – you don’t belong here!

Happy Monday y’all – let’s jump right into it! So if you haven’t heard by now Princess Kim Kardashian-West was held at gunpoint in her Parisian hotel room last night. How you ask?  GREAT FREAKING QUESTION. For all the details see E NEWS (click). Side bar – I have literally being texting friends a play by play of this story all morning I CANNOT TYPE IT AGAIN – so just check out E News, they explain it better anyway!


Is it just me or is it strange that someone so FAMOUS was alone in their hotel room with NO SECURITY? This is very scary no matter who it happens to anyone but especially someone who is so freaking rich. Every hour we are getting more updates on this story but it is just so hard to believe that this happened to someone who you would think would be very well secured. Now I am not pointing fingers BUT I think this may be a lesson for any celeb (mostly Kardashians/Jenners) to not show their every MOVE on social media. I didn’t personally watch Kim’s Snapchat story last night but she showed that she was alone in her room facetiming her brother Rob… Not smart Kim!


The good thing is Kim is safe and “unharmed”, also North and Saint were not with her. Yes, her engagement was stolen but she can get another – I mean Kanye did just buy her a second one? The point is Kim will be traumatized for a while but she is still rich and ALIVE… so let’s all relax and the fans with #PrayforKim just stop please.





Guilty Pleasure

HOLD THE PHONE! Carrie Bradshaw is Coming Back to the Screen?

YUP, you read that correct – the one and ONLY Carrie Bradshaw MIGHT eventually ( IN THE FAR FUTURE) come back to us!

SJP (SARAH JESSICA PARKER DUH) told the Press Association that it is a possibility (that hasn’t been discussed) but it can TOTALLY happen. Everyone is on board – and why wouldn’t they be. Sex and the City is iconic and not just because of the fashion and the dates but because of the women! They were strong but at the same time vulnerable, Carrie and the gang was – and still is  – everything you and your girlfriends want to be!


I have seen every SATC episode more than 5 times and the the first movie I know every word to. Even though the sequal wasn’t the best and definitly can’t hold anything next to the first one, I would still go to see any show or movie connected to the series. Come on, think about it – Carrie, Samantha, Charolette and Miranda in 2016! Where are they in their careers and their relationship and WITH EACHOTHER?

In my eyes they have all transformed with technology – I am sure it was difficult, especially for Carrie ( I mean homegirl didn’t know to back up her computer). Carrie has turned her book into a daily blog/lifestyle website something along the lines of Goop but much more personal. Samantha is still running the PR scene but I hope has hired a few people to work under her ( was it just me or did she work alone?). Charolette is super MOM for sure and is probably in every high society organization there is on the Upper East Side – very Lily Vanderwoodsen with less scandals of course. And the queen of feminism, Miranda has opened her own firm run by women and for women in Brooklyn because what else would she have done!

But the real question is where are they having breakfast/brunch now because their go-to spot has closed down! All I know is that wherever these ladies are in life they are doing ittogether.



Guilty Pleasure

Real Housewives Ranked

Anyone who knows me is aware that I am obsessed with reality TV -and if you didnt know then you obviously don’t know me at all! I have probably seen every show and if I haven’t, trust that I will get to it soon. When it comes to favorites I am Bravo girl, give me housewife after housewife and a poor waitress in between – yeah I am talking about you Stassi.


Anyway, I am the biggest housewives fan and have seen most likely every episode. I can talk about them all day and I take it very seriously – this is not a game people! When it comes to talking about them it’s always a fight about who’s the best housewife. So I thought why not TELL you who the best are. This isn’t just my opinion these are facts guys.

  1. Nene Leakes – I mean is this even a question? She has the best one liners, throws the best shade and has totally improved since Season 1 of Atlanta. I mean who doesn’t love ” So Nasty and So Rude”cmonwig
  2. Teresa Giudice – Do I have to say it? She flipped the freaking table over season 1 and has held this show together ever since. Okay… so her and her husband committed a crime – like you guys don’t pretend to not have another stick of gum in your back pocket!teresa-giudice-blows-kisses
  3. Bethenny Frankel –  I can admit that Bethenny hasn’t always been my favorite but when she came back last season and became queen of NY! Why she ever left I have no idea because her talk show SUCKED (#sorrynotsorry) and her marriage did too obviously. anigif_enhanced-4773-1430938663-26
  4. Erika Girardi – She is new and fabulous! Just what Beverly Hills needs – Erika does and says what she wants, she has a gay entourage with her 24/7 and she is RICH. Doesn’t get any better than that!tumblr_o0c1h8wkhs1rlafseo1_400
  5. Vicki Gunvalson – The OG of the OC! Maybe her voice is annoying, maybe her face lift wasn’t the best and maybe she lied about her boyfriend having cancer. WHO CARES, Vicki started this whole franchise (with a little help from Andy Cohen) and we will respect her no matter what!


I know they are amazing – no idea how I put that in order! If you watch the franchise you know there are a lot more housewives but I barely have enough time to watch them all -let alone list them out. This was just a quick ranking of the best and if you don’t watch than you are missing out!