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Another week – another sidewalk style! Here are all my favorites from last week!


Alicia Vikander always looks like she just rolled out of bed with a fresh face! HATE HER – but love this look. The red turtle neck sweater is the perfect pop of color to go with these black jeans and flats. It is such relaxed look for a girl running errands on a Saturday.


Sienna Miller always has the best sidewalk style! Her look to me is that cool mom who doesn’t work but has so much to do before picking her kids up from school. The girlfriend jeans are what make this look cozy, the combo of the striped collar shirt under the blue sweater means business. And the red Gucci flats (just like Alicia) give the look a pop of color.


Jessica Chastain was leaving the airport and on her way to Cannes probably. Nothing I love more than a crisp white button down and a blue jean with a matching white sneaker! Throwing a leopard trench coat over this outfit set it all off and adding the Stella McCartney Shoulder bag makes this airport look chic!

Last week was all about making a bold statement with one piece! What will the next sidewalk style?

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Fashion & Beauty


There is nothing I love more than fashion- high fashion is amazing BUT street style is even better. Especially when it comes to celebrities, it is a chance to see them in day -to -day clothes (for the most part). To see their fashion style and not their stylist!

I know that the keyword for these looks would be ‘Street Style’ but I like ‘Sidewalk Style’ better. A celebrity with a coffee in hand and a signature outfit is my guilty pleasure. Here are a few of my favorite looks from last week! Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 9.59.25 PM.png

If you know me, then you know that my girl crush on DAKOTA JOHNSON is real AF! I love everything about her effortless style. This all black combo of leggings, tank and sneakers is so relatable that it hurts!
Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 10.01.54 PM.png

What is more comfortable than converse and a leopard print jacket? NOTHING!!! ZENDAYA has the perfect idea for airport cozy – you always need a good sneaker and a coat to keep you warm on your Antartica flight.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 10.26.52 PM.pngQUEEN of the sidewalk style this week goes to no one other than GIGI HADID herself! Another all black outfit that wins, she went for the relaxed trendy look. The cropped sweatshirt and cutoff sweatpants scream ‘off-duty model’.

Who is your favorite sidewalk style celeb looks?

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Sorry Julia Roberts, but NO!

Let me just start out by saying how much I LOVE Julia Roberts. I mean she is the queen of rom-com’s to me – Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride, My Best Friends Wedding AND the iconic Steel Magnolias.  I could go on but you get the gist – with that being said Julia should not be PEOPLE’s 2017 World’s Most Beautiful Woman.  Now what I am about to say might not be that nice but it is the TRUTH!


So don’t get me wrong Julia Roberts is a vision BUT we can do better! To me she is not the most beautiful woman of 2017 – is she even on the radar at the moment?  What’s the last thing she has even done … Mother’s Day ( which I  actually watched this weekend and it was HORRIBLE – funny tho). Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that we have SO MANY women in 2017 that have made impacts that would have been better and made more sense.


Who do you ask? Oh, I don’t know – Viola Davis, Traci Ellis Ross, Connie Britton, Sarah Paulson… should I go on? NO, because you get it – there are other women out there besides JULIA FREAKING ROBERTS. And not to mention this is her FIFTH time on the cover for the most beautiful woman. So that in itself shows that she shouldn’t be this year’s pick.

I just wish PEOPLE would have put A LOT more thought into this instead of recycling past cover girls. It is 2017 we have MORE THAN ENOUGH options for women to choose from – DO BETTER PEOPLE, DO BETTER!!

Trust and believe I will discuss this more on next weeks podcast… stay tuned!



Guilty Pleasure

The Hills: Pregnancy 101

I have said it before and I will say it again… I am OBSESSED WITH THE HILLS! By far on of the best TV shows- whether it was scripted or not. And if it was it deserved every Emmy and Golden Globe.

Anyway – it has been 10 years since the show ended and we I find myself looking for a reunion, spin-off – honestly, ANYTHING to have LC,  Heidi, Whitney, Audrina and the rest of the gang all on my screen again. By now I think we finally have something – BABIES! Half of the cast is freaking pregnant.

Lauren Conrad was the first to announce her pregnancy via Instagram – that in itself had people bouncing off the walls. I mean we could have an LC jr. on our hand’s guys!!!! Then Whitney followed ( from what I recall a few days or a week later) that she herself was pregnant! What are the odds that both Teen Vogue interns are preggers at the SAME DAMN TIME? A month or two later Jason ( LC’s ex) announced that his wife/gf/ IDGAF who she is… BUT she is carrying a child as well.

TO TOP IT ALL OFF – last week, Speidi announced that they are FINALLY pregnant. I mean we are being PUNK’d right?? WTF Ashton come out already I am totally on to you! Anway, I feel that this calls for a celebration or a reunion at best, am I right? With Audrina almost a year into being a mother and Kristen already with 3 kids ( GOD BLESS HER), how can we not bring them all together? I even think I heard that Heidi’s sister ( the wannabe hills star) Holly had a baby a few years ago. And I guess we can invite Lo along for the ride… Sorry, Lo!

I think we all need to write into MTV until they give us what we deserve! Because of whatever that anniversary special – the long Kohls commercial for Lauren’s clothing line –  we got this summer from them was BS! Give us a redo MTV… we need it, we want it and we have all earned it!

If you want to hear more about The Hills cast and all things this week in pop culture, take a listen to my podcast… here!




Guilty Pleasure

Stop Blaming Kendall Jenner

Okay, so by now we have ALL seen the cringe-worthy Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner. If you haven’t seen it by now you are basically SOL because Pepsi has taken it down because of all the backlash the commercial has gotten thus far.

In my honest opinion, the 2 minute Pepsi commercial was not THAT BAD but those last 30 seconds is really what sent people over the edge and I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. Kendall handing over the Pepsi to the mall cop that was supposed to be a police office was just bad not because he was a cop but because of who she is, sadly. I am sure Pepsi had nothing but good intentions – things just didn’t go as planned or maybe they did and that is the problem.

Speaking of the problem, Kendall Jenner is not that! Pepsi is, it was their creative team, their idea and so on. YES, Kendall is 21 years old and maybe could have a better judgment call BUT if Pepsi offers you a GLOBAL commercial with a VERY high check are you going to turn it down? I didn’t think so. SO STOP blaming Kendall and blame the people who made this entire commercial possible… PEPSI.

If you would like to know more of my thoughts on this situation go take a listen to my podcast this week,  here!




Switching Things Up

For the past 3 years, I have been on and off blogging.  As a young woman, I have always felt as if I have a lot to say – hints to why I started this blog. I have always been passionate about fashion, beauty, pop culture, etc. BUT sometimes I have TOO much to say that cannot always fit in a blog post, so I have decided to switch to something that better suits me.

Jnolaism is making the switch from blog to… PODCAST! Yes, you read that correct – instead of reading my rants you can listen to them. SORRY IN ADVANCE FOR MY ANNOYING VOICE. But I promise you that you will love it and it’s going to be so much better!

Image result for morgan stewart gif

I know I have always taken time off from the blog or gone M.I.A for a while but only because the blog post I would write would be way too lengthy. I knew you wouldn’t want to read them because I barely wanted to write them. So please join me in this move, I think it will be great for all parties involved (especially my fingers). Now if there are certain things I want to blog about I will – so don’t cry I am not gone for good!

Image result for stop crying gif

My podcast will be no different from my blog – I will be discussing all things pop culture, reality tv, celebrity gossip and MORE. Each week I will be joined by a friend and we will DIVE into our struggles, along with giving you advice. I know what more could you ask for? So go subscribe and give the first episode a listen and STAY TUNED!

New episodes can be found every Monday, here! 



Guilty Pleasure

Brangelina Has Come Undone

I know divorce isn’t suppose to be a happy time BUT when you sleep with a man who you know is committed to someone – it’s hard to feel bad for you. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been acknowledged as somewhat of a fairy tale.. HOW? I am sure that what they did is in the Ten Commandments.

For me this is very exciting news because I am #TeamJennifer all the way. Even though I am sure Jen could care less because she has her husband and that Smart Water Ad. I feel like somewhere deep DEEEEEEPPPP down inside she is glowing. Knowing that the man who cheated on you broke your heart hasn’t changed and is still doing the same thing.

Brad might have aged badly (personal opinion don’t attack me) but he is still playing the the same games as 2004 Brad. Daily Mail along with other gossip sites have reported that he was having an affair with co-star Marion Cotillard! I mean it wouldn’t be the first time… Listen my mom has always said the way your relationship begins is the way it will end.


Hey Brad, if the shoe fits.