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When I Grow Up…


In almost 9 weeks I am going to be 25 – I know it seems so surreal because I started this blog when I was 21. Even though SOOOO much has changed, many things have stayed the same. At 25 I pictured my life being TOTALLY different – I cannot explain but I had certain expectations for myself and lets just say I am not where I thought I would be.

giphy-2Even though I have more than enough to be proud of, I still feel like there is more for me to do. Obviously 25 is still young but in my head I will be 30 soon enough and it is time for me to get my ducks in a row. I have hit the breaking point of just doing the bare minimum. Being a college graduate, having a good job and your own apartment – makes you think you have it all figured out. NOPE, totally opposite – I have never felt more lost.


Before everyone starts feeling sorry for me, this is not what this is about. It is just bring awareness to how millennials think, when I speak to many other young women my age they feel the same. We are all just trying to figure it out – we want to be established already and be moving on to the next phase of our life. But how can you when you have loans to pay, a job you do not love and a crappy boyfriend (not me personally)!

So starting now but more once I turn 25 – I plan to do what I want with my life. Not just what I think I should do or what will make my parents proud. For the last 24 years that is exactly what I have been doing and I am glad to where it has gotten me BUT it is time for a change kids! giphy-3Until next time,








Oh helllllloooooo…

Yes, I know it has been almost a year since the last time I posted. I said I was going to be posting less because of my podcast. Well, less turned into NOT AT ALL – and then my podcast went from every week to every month to every three months to “Do you still have a podcast?’.

Anyone who has been apart of this journey since my Tumblr days (LOYAL AF) know that I take breaks from time to time. Half of it is because I am lazy and forget to post the other (MORE IMPORTANT) half is because I HATE posting/putting out content that is not 100%. When I know that I cannot get a blog post or an episode of my podcast EVERYTHING I have I would just rather step away and come up with new and fresh ideas!

SO HERE I AM – back and better than last time (I cannot say ever because we all know that would be a lie) I am going to be 25 this upcoming August and I need to GET MY LIFE TOGETHER. That means getting back to things that make me happy and are important to me.

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My first step is coming back to the place where I first began speaking my mind and opening up. JNOLAISM has been a safe space for me to talk about what I WANT/WHEN I WANT! Nothing is going to change from the last time I was posting! Pop culture, fashion, beauty, and giving my unsolicited advice are all still HIGHLY important to me.

Sit back, relax and welcome back to JNOLAISM!




Hey Mercury… BYE GIRL

Y’all it is about MF time – I mean I am not sure I could take anymore! Between my stomach virus two weeks ago and my hangover this past weekend, Mercury really had me F’ed up!!!! I am so happy that is officially May and can start off fresh this month.

WHICH MEANS #FIRSTDAYINMAY aka Met Gala Monday PEOPLE! Can you tell how pumped I am??? We all know how I love a red carpet, so this is probably the best day of my life. Being that mercury is OUT of retrograde this means I should be able to enjoy tonights red carpet without any interruptions, correct? Probably not but here is to hoping!


Two years ago I was one of those super fans freaks who stood outside waiting to see people walk the red carpet outside the MET. Even though I got some AMAZE shots and saw a ton of celebs – I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN. Thankfully, ENews will be covering the MET Gala red carpet for the first time LIVE! See, I told y’all this month was going to be 10x better!!!

So, get ready for a great month since last TOTALLY sucked! And to start off May right go take a listen to my new podcast episode on iTunes! Don’t worry I have a guest this week and we talk all about Vanderpump Rules!








What do you Mean by “ADULT” ?

As I sit her at my desk I realize this is the first September of many I will not being go back to school. Yes, I know I graduated in May but it didn’t really hit me until now. No more first days of class, no more having to introduce myself to the class  (THANK GOD) and no more being a kid. Technically and legally I have been an adult since 18 but lets be real – I was kid practically still a baby.


Honestly… I still consider myself a kid at 23 but the things I did and got away with 18 is not acceptable now. Last year this time it was my last first day and now I am sitting at a full time job, searching for an apartment and doing other grown up things that make me want to cry! For so long I wanted to be older (21) and now that I have passed the age I was dying to get to – I want to go back. Well maybe not all the way back, we can totally skip the braces stage!

So when my parents say “It is time to be an adult!”, I don’t understand. English might be my first (only) language but the word adult is foreign to me. I thought I was ready and maybe I am but mentally I want to go back to when I didn’t have to have  a job and just had one for fun. Let’s just say I am feeling more like Jenny Humphrey and less like Blair Waldorf every day – and I am not liking it one bit!


Not trying to make anyone suicidal but it was a lot easier when everything was free!

You’re Welcome.





Being that I have just graduated from college and am newly 23 I keep getting asked the same question. I get asked a few but this one in particular is common and probably the most annoying.

It’s not ” Are you working?” Or ” What’s the next plan?”.  It’s – yup you guessed correct – “When are you getting married ?” I don’t know if anyone else my age is being asked this but for me I find it sometimes rude and annoying. I am a recent college grad with no idea what’s next for me and you are asking me when I am getting married?


Maybe its because a lot people my age are engaged and getting married but that is THEM, not ME. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. Stop trying to shove marriage down my throat – if I can stay on my parents insurance until I am 26 then I don’t need to be in a rush to get married. Let me live my life the way I want to , when I get married you will know because I will be the girl posting my ring every 5 minutes. Until now, BACK OFF and worry about your life and your marriage if you even have one!

For me I look at my life as just beginning – with just landing my first job in the real world post grad I have so much to achieve in this world. Now don’t get me wrong I have planned my wedding in my head, I know the exact flowers I want and the song that plays when I walk down the isle. It just I don’t see myself at 23 being a bride – to me I am still a kid and have a lot to learn there is no way I am ready for a marriage. Also, I am not shading or bringing down anyone my age who is ready because we are all different but when it comes to me I am just not ready and am sick of the question so please stop asking!


Ta ta,




The Never Ending Job Search

Even though I just graduated this past Thursday, I have been on the hunt for a job since February. No, this isn’t because I am an over achiever – I am – it is because I was afraid I would end up exactly were I am at this VERY moment. Sitting on my couch in my parents house, eating like a depressed high school girl who just broke up with her cheating boyfriend and watching Kardashian re-runs.


It is hard to imagine that this is where I am because when I think about it… I did everything I was suppose to do. I went to college, worked hard, had amazing internships and graduated – but still I happen to be unemployed. As stated I have been applying for MONTHS, used every job/career site that you can think of. For the past four months I have sent more than a hundred emails – not exaggerating for once in my life- printed many resumes and gone on a couple of interviews and still NOTHING.

Obviously I have family and friends telling me it is not a big deal and not to worry but they either have their own jobs or are in my exact position and in denial themselves. I am obviously not giving up because I can not just sit on this couch forever. But it is hard not to get defeated when you have worked so hard and feel as if you have done everything right up until this point.

For all the recent graduates and millennials check out this amazing article from thelala on how these life skills can change your life!

JNOLAISM: Even though it is a challenging search, do not give up. Unless your family owns their own company then definitely give up and go work for them you lucky girl you! – Also I have become then queen of job searching – hey I might not get the job but I can always find them.