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When I Grow Up…


In almost 9 weeks I am going to be 25 – I know it seems so surreal because I started this blog when I was 21. Even though SOOOO much has changed, many things have stayed the same. At 25 I pictured my life being TOTALLY different – I cannot explain but I had certain expectations for myself and lets just say I am not where I thought I would be.

giphy-2Even though I have more than enough to be proud of, I still feel like there is more for me to do. Obviously 25 is still young but in my head I will be 30 soon enough and it is time for me to get my ducks in a row. I have hit the breaking point of just doing the bare minimum. Being a college graduate, having a good job and your own apartment – makes you think you have it all figured out. NOPE, totally opposite – I have never felt more lost.


Before everyone starts feeling sorry for me, this is not what this is about. It is just bring awareness to how millennials think, when I speak to many other young women my age they feel the same. We are all just trying to figure it out – we want to be established already and be moving on to the next phase of our life. But how can you when you have loans to pay, a job you do not love and a crappy boyfriend (not me personally)!

So starting now but more once I turn 25 – I plan to do what I want with my life. Not just what I think I should do or what will make my parents proud. For the last 24 years that is exactly what I have been doing and I am glad to where it has gotten me BUT it is time for a change kids! giphy-3Until next time,







Workout Of Choice

Any type of physical activity makes me cringe – I hate anything that makes me sweat or look ugly. So obviously working out is not at the top of my to do list EVER! As I am quickly approaching 25 (internally screams) I have realized that I have to start taking care of myself. 5workingoutnightmareEating Wendy’s weekly and sitting on the couch is going to catch up to me one of this days. It was important for me to find a workout that I enjoy but also one that gets the job done. PILATES is my drug of choice – it tones, strengths and kind of stretches you out. Now there are different types of Pilates – my preference is reformer.

The reformer machine has become my new best friend – you get a fun and dynamic workout that does everything if not more. Personally I sweat easily and obviously if you are working out you going to sweat but during this class it is not the sweat that makes you uncomfortable.

Pilates has been my go-to for the last 4 months and I have yet to be disappointed. Obviously it also depends on the teacher but all and all I enjoy this workout. Obviously we all know that I am a city girl, so my favorite studio is CPBurn. They have amazing instructors and the studio is clean and simple! I book on Classpass and can always get a spot but the studio also seems to have amazing deals.

So for all my girls out there who cannot find the right workout class, try pilates and let me know what you think!






Watch Out Tinder…

Even though Mark Zuckerberg should be more worried about Facebook’s lawsuit – instead he is focused on finding all you singles love! Yup, Facebook has decieded to steal  add dating feautres to the app. Since FB knows so much about you (hometown, where you work, phone & credit card number) they feel they have the best chance of matching you with your soulmate.


In my opinion MZ needs to slow his roll and do some more research because the same people that are using Tinder are not going to be using Facebook to swipe left #sorrynotsorry. Now maybe back in 2010 -2014 it was all the rage to stalk someone on FB, add them, message them AKA how I got my boyfriend of 5 years (wish I was kidding). FB has now become the place to see relatives, old friends and judge how cute that girls baby from your 9th grade english class is.

It is not and never will be the place to swipe on who your one night stand might be in the upcoming week! So everyone stay on Hinge, Tinder, Jswipe, Bumble and whatever other apps you have taking up your iCloud storage and ignore MR.MZ please!

But if you are some strange person who is interested in this, checkout this TechCrunch article that breaks down how this new dating feature will work. Happy swiping!!





Sorry Julia Roberts, but NO!

Let me just start out by saying how much I LOVE Julia Roberts. I mean she is the queen of rom-com’s to me – Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride, My Best Friends Wedding AND the iconic Steel Magnolias.  I could go on but you get the gist – with that being said Julia should not be PEOPLE’s 2017 World’s Most Beautiful Woman.  Now what I am about to say might not be that nice but it is the TRUTH!


So don’t get me wrong Julia Roberts is a vision BUT we can do better! To me she is not the most beautiful woman of 2017 – is she even on the radar at the moment?  What’s the last thing she has even done … Mother’s Day ( which I  actually watched this weekend and it was HORRIBLE – funny tho). Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that we have SO MANY women in 2017 that have made impacts that would have been better and made more sense.


Who do you ask? Oh, I don’t know – Viola Davis, Traci Ellis Ross, Connie Britton, Sarah Paulson… should I go on? NO, because you get it – there are other women out there besides JULIA FREAKING ROBERTS. And not to mention this is her FIFTH time on the cover for the most beautiful woman. So that in itself shows that she shouldn’t be this year’s pick.

I just wish PEOPLE would have put A LOT more thought into this instead of recycling past cover girls. It is 2017 we have MORE THAN ENOUGH options for women to choose from – DO BETTER PEOPLE, DO BETTER!!

Trust and believe I will discuss this more on next weeks podcast… stay tuned!




Switching Things Up

For the past 3 years, I have been on and off blogging.  As a young woman, I have always felt as if I have a lot to say – hints to why I started this blog. I have always been passionate about fashion, beauty, pop culture, etc. BUT sometimes I have TOO much to say that cannot always fit in a blog post, so I have decided to switch to something that better suits me.

Jnolaism is making the switch from blog to… PODCAST! Yes, you read that correct – instead of reading my rants you can listen to them. SORRY IN ADVANCE FOR MY ANNOYING VOICE. But I promise you that you will love it and it’s going to be so much better!

Image result for morgan stewart gif

I know I have always taken time off from the blog or gone M.I.A for a while but only because the blog post I would write would be way too lengthy. I knew you wouldn’t want to read them because I barely wanted to write them. So please join me in this move, I think it will be great for all parties involved (especially my fingers). Now if there are certain things I want to blog about I will – so don’t cry I am not gone for good!

Image result for stop crying gif

My podcast will be no different from my blog – I will be discussing all things pop culture, reality tv, celebrity gossip and MORE. Each week I will be joined by a friend and we will DIVE into our struggles, along with giving you advice. I know what more could you ask for? So go subscribe and give the first episode a listen and STAY TUNED!

New episodes can be found every Monday, here! 




Embrace What You Hate

Not a person who gets personal or into their feelings but this week I am. Growing up I HATED my natural  – honestly up until a year ago I hated it. I thought straight hair was the way to be and that curly/ frizzy hair was ugly (well mine was). Maybe it is because I am 23 and realizing I can’t change the thing I dislike about myself but only embrace them.

As young women we have to stop beating up on ourselves about things that don’t matter. I know at 16 they feel as if they are the most important in the world but they aren’t! I also think it helps to be with a person and or have friends who lift you and not bring you down. Having a boyfriend who tells you he loves the things about you that you hate can help make you feel better. Now don’t get all ” you don’t need a man to make you feel good about yourself” – I agree you don’t. But when there are certain things about yourself you hate, hearing someone tell you they like those things might help you with your confidence.


This week I decided to embrace the things I try to usually hide. For instance – I am not a HUGE make up person but I do wear concealer everyday with blush and mascara almost everyday – this week I didn’t . Also, I wore my hair naturally all week – 50% because I didn’t feel like doing it but whatever. By doing this I felt a little bit better about myself – sometimes I did want to run to the bathroom real quick and put on some mascara but I didn’t. I embraced these two things that I worry about constantly and didn’t care what anyone thought.

I am not preaching to you to go out and not wear makeup for a week and not do your hair. But to find something that makes you insecure and value you it more than you have before.







Date the Bad Guys

Yes,  I know that we were told to always date the nice guy – the ones who treat us with respect. But… sometimes the bad guys dress up and pretend to be nice to us. Instead of hating these guys we should date them and after they F (you know the word) us over we should thank them. Why do you ask… I will tell you!

Okay, so I am sure we have all dated a jerk , a player and many other guys that just SUCK. We have cried about them, ate our feelings because of them and we have learned from them. Don’t get angry just hear me out – remember what that guy did to you? Exactly, you know how you DON’T want to be treated and the type of relationship you will not be in. As young women we need these HORRIBLE relationships to teach us what we will and will not accept!


From my own experiences I appreciate the lousy guys I have dealt with because without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. Even though I had some sad nights in my room with Leona Lewis’ Keep Bleeding on repeat, I would go through it ALL over again. Without these heartaches we don’t find the ones that are truly worth it.

So for all the girls that just broke up with a grade A+ F boy, put on your favorite song to cry too and LET IT OUT girlfriend. He wasn’t the one and it isn’t the end of the world. After a few years you are going to look back and say ” Wow, what if I never dated him”. I mean we know how the story goes, you have to kiss a few frogs before we get our prince ladies!