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JNOLAISM READS – The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo

As I have stated more than once, I enjoy a good book! Well I just finished one that I cannot stop talking about. The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid – this book had me so intrigued, I never wanted it to end. Reid is one of my favorite authors, after reading Maybe In Another Life about a year ago I made sure to read all her other books. IMG-3234

Before diving into this book I just want to speak abotu Taylor’s writing. It is so EASY but it also makes you think. I know some would call it ‘chick -lit’ but it so much more than that. Her books dig deep into something, the way she explains relationships while also making you evalute your own personal ones. Her character choices are continously superb – you fall in love with,  if not one BUT ALL OF THEM. You feel as if they are real and that you have a special connection with them.


Now, about Eveyln Hugo – she is beautiful, fabulous and flawed, which always makes for an ideal main character. She has been a Hollywood icon since the 50’s and now she is ready to tell her life story, the REAL one. She calls on journalist Monique Grant to help her write her scandalous story, but the question is why? A tale of love, loss, friendship, abuse, fame, secrets and SO MUCH MORE.

It is hard to put this book down because it keeps you wanting more. The best part about this is that you THINK by the cover and title that you know what this book is about. Chapter after chapter makes you realize that you actually have not one clue what is going on! We all know what a dark place Hollywood can be, Reid gives you a preview of what it meant to be a Hollywood Star between the 50’s and 80’s.

If you have not read this book I BEG YOU TO BUY OT ASAP! You can thank me later.



Guilty Pleasure


Now that I am finally off my high from the Royal Wedding – it is time for a Jnolaism recap!

So let us start with the guest… who knew that all these A-list stars would come out for Meghan and Harry?? I sure as heck did not! Oprah, Serena Williams, Idris Elba, Posh & Becks… I mean the list goes onnnnnnn. Seeing the entire cast of Suits show up was also a plus because this is probably the last time Meghan will ever see these people!

Okay moving on to Meghans beautiful mama, Doria Ragland. From the first picture with Meghan in the car, to her sitting in the pew awaiting the arrival of her daughter walking down the aisle. The emotion on her face just made me want to hug her and never let go. You can see how overjoyed she is for Meghan and Harry!


On to the main event (besides the wedding) – THE DRESS, Meghan Markle stepped out in custom made Givenchy all white off the shoulder gown. This dress got a lot of flack for being plain and conservative – while also not tailored correctly. Here is my opinion, Meghan does not seem like a show off type of girl (she has also been married before) – this dress was meant to be what it was. JUST A DRESS. This was the wedding of the century, a black American divorced actress married a Prince. Knowing (because I do very well) Meghan wanted you to focus on the details of the wedding that made it as a newscaster said ‘the most human royal wedding”. Would I wear this dress, no but I am also not marrying a Prince. Meghan looked beautiful and HAPPY – so at the end of the day she wins and all you trolls ( KATY PERRY) you lose!


Last but not least – the ceremony. I found it to be EXACTLY what was needed, these were two people with two different backgrounds becoming one. From the Bishop Currys powerful sermon , to the choir singing ‘Stand By Me” and then the cellist – everything was beautiful and gave you hope. This wedding brought the Royal Family into the 21st century – Meghan has brought it out of the dark ages with just ONE DAY.


Waking up early on Saturday watching along with the rest of the world – it was a pleasure to watch two people in love.



Guilty Pleasure

The Royal Wedding Is Upon Us

In just 5 days Meghan Markel will be living the dream – no seriously this is MY DREAM!! She went from a regular girl in LA to an actress and now she is about to be FREAKING royalty.

As little girls we grow up hoping and wishing to one day be a princess. For some reason Meghan has made that dream come true for some us – just because technically I will not be walking down the isle. Doesn’t mean a girl cannot pretend, OK!


At this moment I am sitting on my couch making sure that I DVR’d Sunday nights premiere of “Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance”. This is something I REFUSE to miss because the Royal family interest me SO MUCH. Ever since I was old enough to understand the different theories of how Princess Diana died – I make it my mission to know everything and anything about them.

I even watched the Lifetime movie about William & Kate (I was not kidding about this addiction)! So now that it is Meghans turn, I make sure to not miss a beat about this wedding. I follow almost every important Meghan fan page on Twitter and Instagram.

So here is what I know:

  • As of now Meghan has not picked a maid of honor/bridesmaids
  • Her wedding gown is designed by Ralph & Russo
  • Prince William will be Harry’s best man (DUH!)
  • The service begins at 12pm on BBC

Stay tuned for my recap of the Royal wedding next week!






Guilty Pleasure

What To Read Next

Reading has become one of new guilty pleasures over the past year. When I am not scrolling through Twitter , Instagram, E Online, Betches or watching E! or Bravo. I have a book in bag, on my night stand and in my hand at all times.

It is actually insane the amount of books I have – all because of Book Of the Month. Think Birchbox but for books – I know how exciting! I have been a memeber of this subscribtion for almost 2 years now and have not been disappointed by any of the books I have recieved.

I just finished reading Crazy Rich Asians ( I got this one from Barnes & Noble) – this book I finished in two weeks! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Gossip Girl, Dynasty and Monter-In-Law. You will not be disaapointed and to top it off the movie comes out in August. Everyone should hurry and cross this off their book list ASAP.


Currently you can catch me with Then She Was Gone in my bag! I am only a few chapters in but I CANNOT put this book down. I got this from BOTM and have seen it posted all over Instagram, so of course I had to dive into this crime mystery. It reminds of a book I read last year called Good As Gone, which I think was the first book I ever got from BOTM!


If you appreciate book , especiually hard covers – you should definitely join Book Of The Month! They have 4 new selections every month and you get it shipped right to your door – doesn’t get any better than that!

Happy reading!


Guilty Pleasure


NOT! So, it has been reported that Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell have finally stopped pretending to be in love. The two put out a statement with PEOPLE  saying that they have decided to go their separate ways. We all saw this coming, I mean no one is seriously surprised by this… are they?


Ben’s season was actually the first season I have ever watched of The Bachelor so I took it very seriously (SHAMEFUL). Anway, I was a Jojo fan and was so hurt – just like Jojo – when he sent her home IN THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE! As soon as he picked Lauren I knew they were never going to last – not because I hated her (because I do) but because when they were together it was SO FAKE.

I even watched that- less than entertaining –  FreeForm show, I mean it hurt me to watch. It was so incredibly boring that they had to bring in other former contestants from the show – it didn’t help much. The show made it even more clear these two were just not to be but hey I’d stay in a relationship for a check *Kanye shrug*.

All I am looking forward to is Lauren’s tell – all book about how much she hates Jojo and feel Ben never got over her. Also, would LOVE it if she caught him stalking Jojo and Jordans Instagram. I am sure Lauren is upset but once Chris Harrison calls her with a book deal those tears will dry up!


Look out for next week’s podcast because I will be talking about but for now, listen to this weeks on iTunes!




Guilty Pleasure

Read More.

With everything going on in the world is it nice to just escape and go to a different place. I usually do that with my TV shows but sometimes I need a break.

I am sure it is hard to believe that a girl so obsessed and consumed with pop culture, reality tv and fashion enjoys reading. BUT SURPRISE, I do – actually I have made a goal for myself this year to read 15 books and I am up to 7. SO yeah, you can say I’m some kind of genius… NOT.


Anyway, here are a few of my favorite books I think you all will enjoy!

  • Luckiest Girl Alive 
    • I finished this book in a week! Such a page turner – the beginning is a little slow but once it picks up it doesn’t slow down until the last page.
  • Maybe In Another Life 
    • This book gave me so many feelings about life and planning for the future. It was my first read of 2017. If you are already getting ready for summer and picking beach reads this is one! It has it all: love, friendship, heartbreak, loss –  EVERYTHING.
  • Good As Gone 
    • Talk about ANXIETY – basically Jon Benet if she would have lived…. too soon? Whatever,  this book focuses on kidnapping and a mother’s lost connection with her daughter.
  • In a Dark, Dark Wood
    • A girl at work told me to read this and I am so glad I listened! Bachelorette party, love triangle and murder????? What more can you ask for?!

Give these books a try and add them to your reading list,  you will not be disappointed and if you are… oh well. Also, if you enjoy reading and keeping up with your books, GoodReads is a great website! You can add all the books you have read/are reading while looking for your next book and checking reviews.

Enjoy y’all,


Guilty Pleasure

The Hills: Pregnancy 101

I have said it before and I will say it again… I am OBSESSED WITH THE HILLS! By far on of the best TV shows- whether it was scripted or not. And if it was it deserved every Emmy and Golden Globe.

Anyway – it has been 10 years since the show ended and we I find myself looking for a reunion, spin-off – honestly, ANYTHING to have LC,  Heidi, Whitney, Audrina and the rest of the gang all on my screen again. By now I think we finally have something – BABIES! Half of the cast is freaking pregnant.

Lauren Conrad was the first to announce her pregnancy via Instagram – that in itself had people bouncing off the walls. I mean we could have an LC jr. on our hand’s guys!!!! Then Whitney followed ( from what I recall a few days or a week later) that she herself was pregnant! What are the odds that both Teen Vogue interns are preggers at the SAME DAMN TIME? A month or two later Jason ( LC’s ex) announced that his wife/gf/ IDGAF who she is… BUT she is carrying a child as well.

TO TOP IT ALL OFF – last week, Speidi announced that they are FINALLY pregnant. I mean we are being PUNK’d right?? WTF Ashton come out already I am totally on to you! Anway, I feel that this calls for a celebration or a reunion at best, am I right? With Audrina almost a year into being a mother and Kristen already with 3 kids ( GOD BLESS HER), how can we not bring them all together? I even think I heard that Heidi’s sister ( the wannabe hills star) Holly had a baby a few years ago. And I guess we can invite Lo along for the ride… Sorry, Lo!

I think we all need to write into MTV until they give us what we deserve! Because of whatever that anniversary special – the long Kohls commercial for Lauren’s clothing line –  we got this summer from them was BS! Give us a redo MTV… we need it, we want it and we have all earned it!

If you want to hear more about The Hills cast and all things this week in pop culture, take a listen to my podcast… here!