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Emmy’s Red Carpet

Unless you live under a rock – last night was the Emmy’s! Now I don’t always watch the awards, I usually care more about the red carpet. BUT when it comes to the Emmy’s I have to because I am a crazy TV watcher. Also, depending on the host I can judge if I will enjoy it or not. Last night I was more than pleased with Jimmy Kimmel’s performance and just the night over all.

Now back to whats important, the fashion! When the night started I wasn’t too happy with what I was seeing. I felt like I was at my junior prom all over again – it was a lot of sequins. Little by little it kept getting better and there were many that shined like stars last night.

Here they are:

Anika Noni Rose – I have no idea what show she is on  but this white is beautiful on her! It is simple but still makes a statement.


Emmy Rossum – FYI she doesn’t have a stylist she dressers herself and works with designers. Emmy always looks beautiful but why hasn’t she been nominated for Shameless??? The white was the hot ticket last night – it works for the ones who are not nominated because even though it wasn’t their night you will remember what they wore!


Allison Janney – Always a bridesmaid never a bride. Last night she was the Belle of the freaking ball!! This Badgley Mischka dress was stunning and she looked amazing in it!


Kristen Bell – Secret garden is that you? This Zuhair Murad with the deep v-neck makes this dress sexy while still staying elegant.


Sarah Paulson – I am a believer of “less is more” but last night was Sarah’s night to shine and she killed it in The People vs. OJ and she has to step on that red carpet and turn heads. That is exactly what she did in this Prada ensemble. 


Traci Ellis Ross – When you are Diana Ross daughter you can’t help but slay! Traci really glowed on the carpet in this Ralph Lauren one shoulder cut out.


Priyanka Chopra – Sometimes red on the red carpet is a little too much for me but Chopra really made it her own in this Jason Wu gown. She is definitely  one to be watching out for – she was every where during fashion and even though she wasn’t nominated for an Emmy that hasn’t stopped her.


These are some of my favorite looks from last night! Who was your choice?

Until the next Red Carpet.


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Hello #NYFW

It is official, New York Fashion Week is happening people! Models are running past you on the street, traffic is backed up more than usual and everyone is looking their best – hoping to get a street style shot or the very least in the background of one. This particular Fashion Week is bittersweet for me because it is the first one I will not be working any shows. I have gotten use to running around with a head set on, clipboard and cell phone in hand. I miss the public relations side of fashion shows, it may be hectic and stress you out to the point that you may need a therapist but that’s what I love about it!


Enough about me… let’s get back to the wonders of Fashion Week! So it all started with Kanye West and Tom Ford, talk about starting out with a freaking bang. #YeezySeason4 was the only hashtag that mattered on Wednesday – besides the #AppleEvent of course. Whether they were praising him or bashing him, Kanye was the talk of the city (media) for his outrageous show.  A few hours later that chatter became all about Tom Ford and his presentation hosted at the Four Seasons. His guest list read like an invite to a night at the Oscars with nothing but A-Listers (See New York Times Article).


It is clear that even though  NYFW’16 has only begun it is off to a crazy start! I can’t imagine what else is in store this upcoming week. And if you are someone who isn’t into Fashion Week or think you are “too cool” for it. Then why are you even on my page ?



Also, how AMAZING is the cover photo of this post? Check more  Fashion Week illustrations from Julie Houts on



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Pore You!

If you follow me on Snapchat (if you don’t you should!) you know that I am a lover of beauty products. You can always catch me in a face mask whether bought from the store or DIY. Being that I have been getting older – insert crying emoji face – I have found it even more important to take care of my skin.

Last month I found a new love… Where is Pore? No I amImage result for my pores are huge gif
not asking you, I know where a pore is, that is the name of the brand! It is amazing and probably the best thing I have ever done to my face! Just a little background on my pores… they are TERRIBLE and I feel like everyone can see them. I was on the search for something that would help me and make me look as fresh as a daisy .

Well, this was it – the Hot & Cool Pore Foam Cleansing Duo basically was screaming my name in Sephora ( like many things do when I am shopping). When I saw it I knew for some reason it would be a life saver. So I did what I always do – pulled out my handy dandy iPhone and googled the brand and product to see the reviews. After about 5 minutes of browsing many sites I picked up my new companion and headed to the register.

I waited a while before using since I had just done a face mask that was suppose to help my pores – it didn’t do much for them. I decided it was time to give this cleansing duo a try but before I went all the way in I recruited (begged) my boyfriend to try it with me. I wanted to see if this really worked and not just on me but someone with a different skin type.

Let’s just say it was an experience – not the mask but doing it with my boyfriend. We did the steam foam first (that’s what the box tells you to do) and because we are a little slow we both got it in our eyes and nearly went blImage result for my eyes gifind! BUT once it was completely washed off – of our face and EYES – we noticed a HUGE difference. Both of us were practically glowing as if we were pregnant – which we ARE NOT! In the morning we did the cool foam an it was 10 times the glow and our faces were so smooth!

Since then I have done this mask two more times. For me, I like doing it Sunday night and Monday morning. Makes me feel good to start my week looking as if I am 16 again and don’t need make up to cover up my dark circles. So if anyone – ladies or gentlemen – are looking for something to open up those pores and look like you are in high-school again – the good years not the bad ones – then this is for you!

You’re Welcome,




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5 Work Essentials – For the Working Girl

Being that I have finally gotten a “big girl” job, I have had the pleasure of waking up at 5am every morning to pick out my outfit. I thought that I should share my essentials for the new working girl. For me-  I think it is important for your personality to shine through with specific pieces but to also be professional. These pieces work for someone and you can make them your own and put a twits on them. So here are my 5 Essentials for the working girl!

  1. First, the Medium Transport Tote from Madewell – I literally ordered this just last week! This tote is perfect for anyone, especially someone who is on the go all the time. Also, the fact that you can monogram it to make it more personal.  Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 5.47.33 PM.png
  2. To me you should always have the perfect pant! This Skinny Ankle Pant from Vince Camuto is it. A great pair of black slacks that you can throw on and dress up with a cute heel and shirt never goes out of style. _12875977.jpg
  3. Third – if you already don’t have – a fitted blazer. This isn’t just a work essential its an everyday one! A blazer can take your outfit to a whole new level. I am OBSESSED with this ZARA blazer with elbow patches – you can’t go wrong with an elbow patch ladies. Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 6.14.27 PM.png
  4. We can’t forget about a heel – most importantly a COMFORTABLE one. Nothing is worse than a girl who can’t walk in her heels! This Vince Portia Suede Pump is perfect to slip on when you get into the office right before an important meeting. Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 6.49.26 PM.png
  5. Last, but definitely not leasts the go-to button up. Every girl should have one because you can do so much with it. J.crew‘s New Perfect Shirt is the ideal shirt – you can pair it with any type of pant, skirt or heel. Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 6.52.00 PM.png

Okay, so those are my 5 essentials that every girl should have – especially the working girl! If you like any of the pieces I have selected just click on the photo and it will take you to where you can buy them!

You’re Welcome,




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BBMA Best Red Carpet Looks

Just incase you didn’t know – I am not sure how you couldn’t – but the Billboard Music Awards was on last night. Unfortunately I didn’t not watch the awards #sorrynotsorry, but I did keep up with all the red carpet looks.

Since I am on this new spiritual journey I am only going to focus on the best red carpet looks and not the worst! I know, I am growing up it’s a proud moment for my parents. ANYWAY… let’s get on with my favorite outfits from last night.

Britney Spears


I mean let us all take a moment that she has come a long way from 2007. She is in shape and a hot mom of two!



Aaliyah vibes all around! She just has a glow about her – it is sexy but still age appropriate.

Kelly Rowland

Even though it is very prom-ish – I don’t mind it and think she looks amazing

Lucy Hale

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 9.31.36 AM.png

She is so petite and so cute that she makes anything work! The lace skirt paired with the leotard is a fun twist.


Who did you guys think looked the best last night?


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Murad – The Mother of all Beauty Products

We all have dark spots, some more than other. I am apart of the more category because I am pimple popper – it has become a hobby. I LOATHE seeing a pimple more than one day and when I see that it is ready to be popped I just have to – sorry to my dermatologist.

After making a former classmate now turned friend write down her skin routine (because her skin was FLAWLESS) I know the secret of how to get rid of those annoying dark spots. I know  guys, I am basically the second coming for sharing this information with you all! Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 12.01.04 AM.png

Okay , so first off the product is called Rapid Age Spot And Pigment Lighting Serum  which in human words means that it evens out your skin tone making you look as fabulous as Beyonce and J.Lo (maybe not really but you get the gist). Second, I am a bougie diva on a very tight budget, I like the best of the best but I buy it wisely – my boyfriend may not agree but hey we can’t please them all. So if you click the link you will see that this VERY small bottle is $60.00 – if you can afford it then you go girl! But if you can’t – hop on over to Sephora with me!

Sephora being the magically kingdom that it is sells the Radiant Skin Renewal Kit that includes a cleanser, radiance serum, lighting serum and moisturizer for $45.00! I mean you can’t beat that – even though the lighting serum is smaller then the $60.00 one above, this bargain gives you the chance try out the product while saving a few extra bucks! I have been using the kit for almost a month now and see a MAJOR improvement in my skin, so this is a must buy for all my beauty lovers.

JNOLAISM: As millennials we have to take care of our skin for the future. Do you think Jane Fonda got the way she is by sleeping with her makeup on and not washing her face? Exactly, so treat your face as a mother treats her new born baby!