Guilty Pleasure

Stop Blaming Kendall Jenner

Okay, so by now we have ALL seen the cringe-worthy Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner. If you haven’t seen it by now you are basically SOL because Pepsi has taken it down because of all the backlash the commercial has gotten thus far.

In my honest opinion, the 2 minute Pepsi commercial was not THAT BAD but those last 30 seconds is really what sent people over the edge and I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. Kendall handing over the Pepsi to the mall cop that was supposed to be a police office was just bad not because he was a cop but because of who she is, sadly. I am sure Pepsi had nothing but good intentions – things just didn’t go as planned or maybe they did and that is the problem.

Speaking of the problem, Kendall Jenner is not that! Pepsi is, it was their creative team, their idea and so on. YES, Kendall is 21 years old and maybe could have a better judgment call BUT if Pepsi offers you a GLOBAL commercial with a VERY high check are you going to turn it down? I didn’t think so. SO STOP blaming Kendall and blame the people who made this entire commercial possible… PEPSI.

If you would like to know more of my thoughts on this situation go take a listen to my podcast this week,  here!




3 thoughts on “Stop Blaming Kendall Jenner

  1. K says:

    Sorry but this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read.

    The idea was stupid. She’s famous enough that if she has said ‘maybe if we do this instead’ they would have jumped through hoops to make it happen.

    She said yes. It’s not as if she is struggling for money and had to take the job to make ends meet — she could have easily said no. So yes, I do blame Kendall Jenner. If someone is ‘acidentally’ racist that still makes them a racist, so whether she was aware it was a stupid idea or not she still needs to take her share of the blame.

    Also notice how she’s issued no apology, nice.

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    • 100% agree with you. I think we are looking for Kendall to be this big advocate when that is not what she is. You have every right to blame her if that is what you want to do. I think we have put celebrities on a pedestal where we expect so much from them, when your average 21- year- old isn’t always that informed. And yes we can make the argument that Kendall should know better because she really should but from the articles I saw it seemed she got more backlash than Pepsi did. When to me Pepsi should be held a lot more responsible considering this was someone’s actually IDEA and went through God knows how many people before for it was approved.

      Also, the money part was meant to be sarcastic – I think we all know Kendall would be fine without a Pepsi check. BUT we know the family would never turn down a check.


  2. Though i understand thay a lot of he blame is just going on kendal where it should primarily be I’m going to blame kendal along with the Pepsi team, she has a brain and could have worked out that this is a stupid idea that’s going to have backlash just like the Pepsi team


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