Guilty Pleasure

HOLD THE PHONE! Carrie Bradshaw is Coming Back to the Screen?

YUP, you read that correct – the one and ONLY Carrie Bradshaw MIGHT eventually ( IN THE FAR FUTURE) come back to us!

SJP (SARAH JESSICA PARKER DUH) told the Press Association that it is a possibility (that hasn’t been discussed) but it can TOTALLY happen. Everyone is on board – and why wouldn’t they be. Sex and the City is iconic and not just because of the fashion and the dates but because of the women! They were strong but at the same time vulnerable, Carrie and the gang was – and still is  – everything you and your girlfriends want to be!


I have seen every SATC episode more than 5 times and the the first movie I know every word to. Even though the sequal wasn’t the best and definitly can’t hold anything next to the first one, I would still go to see any show or movie connected to the series. Come on, think about it – Carrie, Samantha, Charolette and Miranda in 2016! Where are they in their careers and their relationship and WITH EACHOTHER?

In my eyes they have all transformed with technology – I am sure it was difficult, especially for Carrie ( I mean homegirl didn’t know to back up her computer). Carrie has turned her book into a daily blog/lifestyle website something along the lines of Goop but much more personal. Samantha is still running the PR scene but I hope has hired a few people to work under her ( was it just me or did she work alone?). Charolette is super MOM for sure and is probably in every high society organization there is on the Upper East Side – very Lily Vanderwoodsen with less scandals of course. And the queen of feminism, Miranda has opened her own firm run by women and for women in Brooklyn because what else would she have done!

But the real question is where are they having breakfast/brunch now because their go-to spot has closed down! All I know is that wherever these ladies are in life they are doing ittogether.




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