What do you Mean by “ADULT” ?

As I sit her at my desk I realize this is the first September of many I will not being go back to school. Yes, I know I graduated in May but it didn’t really hit me until now. No more first days of class, no more having to introduce myself to the class  (THANK GOD) and no more being a kid. Technically and legally I have been an adult since 18 but lets be real – I was kid practically still a baby.


Honestly… I still consider myself a kid at 23 but the things I did and got away with 18 is not acceptable now. Last year this time it was my last first day and now I am sitting at a full time job, searching for an apartment and doing other grown up things that make me want to cry! For so long I wanted to be older (21) and now that I have passed the age I was dying to get to – I want to go back. Well maybe not all the way back, we can totally skip the braces stage!

So when my parents say “It is time to be an adult!”, I don’t understand. English might be my first (only) language but the word adult is foreign to me. I thought I was ready and maybe I am but mentally I want to go back to when I didn’t have to have  a job and just had one for fun. Let’s just say I am feeling more like Jenny Humphrey and less like Blair Waldorf every day – and I am not liking it one bit!


Not trying to make anyone suicidal but it was a lot easier when everything was free!

You’re Welcome.




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