Guilty Pleasure

Real Housewives Ranked

Anyone who knows me is aware that I am obsessed with reality TV -and if you didnt know then you obviously don’t know me at all! I have probably seen every show and if I haven’t, trust that I will get to it soon. When it comes to favorites I am Bravo girl, give me housewife after housewife and a poor waitress in between – yeah I am talking about you Stassi.


Anyway, I am the biggest housewives fan and have seen most likely every episode. I can talk about them all day and I take it very seriously – this is not a game people! When it comes to talking about them it’s always a fight about who’s the best housewife. So I thought why not TELL you who the best are. This isn’t just my opinion these are facts guys.

  1. Nene Leakes – I mean is this even a question? She has the best one liners, throws the best shade and has totally improved since Season 1 of Atlanta. I mean who doesn’t love ” So Nasty and So Rude”cmonwig
  2. Teresa Giudice – Do I have to say it? She flipped the freaking table over season 1 and has held this show together ever since. Okay… so her and her husband committed a crime – like you guys don’t pretend to not have another stick of gum in your back pocket!teresa-giudice-blows-kisses
  3. Bethenny Frankel –  I can admit that Bethenny hasn’t always been my favorite but when she came back last season and became queen of NY! Why she ever left I have no idea because her talk show SUCKED (#sorrynotsorry) and her marriage did too obviously. anigif_enhanced-4773-1430938663-26
  4. Erika Girardi – She is new and fabulous! Just what Beverly Hills needs – Erika does and says what she wants, she has a gay entourage with her 24/7 and she is RICH. Doesn’t get any better than that!tumblr_o0c1h8wkhs1rlafseo1_400
  5. Vicki Gunvalson – The OG of the OC! Maybe her voice is annoying, maybe her face lift wasn’t the best and maybe she lied about her boyfriend having cancer. WHO CARES, Vicki started this whole franchise (with a little help from Andy Cohen) and we will respect her no matter what!


I know they are amazing – no idea how I put that in order! If you watch the franchise you know there are a lot more housewives but I barely have enough time to watch them all -let alone list them out. This was just a quick ranking of the best and if you don’t watch than you are missing out!




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