Being that I have just graduated from college and am newly 23 I keep getting asked the same question. I get asked a few but this one in particular is common and probably the most annoying.

It’s not ” Are you working?” Or ” What’s the next plan?”.  It’s – yup you guessed correct – “When are you getting married ?” I don’t know if anyone else my age is being asked this but for me I find it sometimes rude and annoying. I am a recent college grad with no idea what’s next for me and you are asking me when I am getting married?


Maybe its because a lot people my age are engaged and getting married but that is THEM, not ME. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. Stop trying to shove marriage down my throat – if I can stay on my parents insurance until I am 26 then I don’t need to be in a rush to get married. Let me live my life the way I want to , when I get married you will know because I will be the girl posting my ring every 5 minutes. Until now, BACK OFF and worry about your life and your marriage if you even have one!

For me I look at my life as just beginning – with just landing my first job in the real world post grad I have so much to achieve in this world. Now don’t get me wrong I have planned my wedding in my head, I know the exact flowers I want and the song that plays when I walk down the isle. It just I don’t see myself at 23 being a bride – to me I am still a kid and have a lot to learn there is no way I am ready for a marriage. Also, I am not shading or bringing down anyone my age who is ready because we are all different but when it comes to me I am just not ready and am sick of the question so please stop asking!


Ta ta,




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