Guilty Pleasure

The Bachelorette Recap – Week 3 : Part 1

Last night was intense to say the least, so many different things were happening. I just want to start out by saying that I am #TeamChad – but let me clarify not team chad for Jojo but team chad in the house and in life. He is a dream of entertainment and honestly the only thing that matters this season. For a moment I forgot I was watching The Bachelorette and thought it was The Chad Show – let’s make this happen ABC!

Anyway, I realized that I don’t know half these guys and I really don’t care. And they all look same so even if I do learn their names I am going to confuse them. I know the guys that matter AKA the ones who will make it to the finally 5  – Jordan, James, Derek, Robby and in my hopes Chad. Alright, enough chit chat – let me get down to business.

  1. Chad’s meat plate needs it’s own Twitter page
  2. Now all the guys want to pretend to workout to stare at Chad
  3. Daniel isn’t here for Jojo, he is here to watch Chad workout
  4. Ew, Alex is wearing a zip-up with NO shirt underneath – HATE HIM
  5. When did Chase get here? He is easy on the eyes
  6. Jojo is the
  7. Uhm this intimate Yoga class is way too intimate for two people on a first date
  8. Oh okay Chase has a six pack – just made my Top 5
  9. This yoga class is too much
  10. Here we go, first kiss of the episode
  11. Jojo really is kissing everyone huh?
  13. Chase is good-looking and seems to have a sense of humor but a tad boring
  14. Does his facial expression ever change?
  15. Chase says he feels completed after one date with Jojo – LOL Okay Chase has mommy issues
  16. YAS, what I have been waiting for the Dog fight between all the boys
  17. “Evan stop talking” Thank you Chad
  18. Alex, you may be a Marine but I don’t think you can take psychopath Chad
  20. But is he lying? No, I don’t think so
  21. Uhh the group date sex talk – I don’t like this episode
  22. Alex is totally setting up Evan with Chad jokes
  23. Welp, Chad is not a happy camper
  24. Why are there so many guys on this date?
  25. Evan is scared for his life, as he should be
  26. And he is really upset about his Hanes v-neck tee that Chad ripped
  27. Oh god Evan you are not good-looking or interesting enough to give an ultimatum
  28. Producers want Chad to stay more than Jojo does, #sorrynotsorry Evan
  29. Why is Jojo pretending to like Evan? HE HAS THREE KIDS LADY
  30. ” Boy’s guess what? Daddy made out with Jojo!” Yeah Evan’s a weirdo
  31. James us a southern sweetheart but will end up in the friend zone
  32. Chad is eating a full sweet potato and a head of lettuce. You can’t make this stuff up
  34. James is insecure, GREAT singer but insecure
  36. Chris Harrison hates Evan just as much as I do
  37. Chad isn’t going home guys, #TEAMCHAD

What did I say? I don’t even know my mind was all over the place. But Part 2 is tonight and even though Chad is steroid raging bully I don’t want him to go home. I guess we will see tonight!

To be continued…



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