Gorilla’s, Abuse and #TheHills

Since last week the news (social media – where millennials receives news) the news has been buzzing with so many topics. Whether it be the uproar about the Gorilla, Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp abuse scandal or the return of Lauren Conrad on MTV in August. Day after day we have been hit with so much information that it’s hard to stay focus.

First, I’m going to start off with a serious issue… Abuse. This is most likely going to be one of the few times I will be serious but I want to say that mental and physical abuse is wrong. There is nothing funny about it, also it is wrong to shame a young woman just because you are obsessed with a movie star. Now, I am not one to jump the gun because I have no idea what happens behind close door especially when it comes to the Heard/Depp household, but if a women comes forward about being abused no one has the right to comment. In my own opinion I believe Amber and maybe it’s because I’ve never been a huge Johnny Depp fan. Also, I would like to say for people who come out that know him don’t know the person he was with Amber – just because he didn’t beat his last girlfriend, wife, daughter or friend doesn’t mean he is an angel. So stop judging the victim because until you have you have walked in their shoes you have no idea what it is like to be them!

Second, let’s discuss Harambe the gorilla – I’m on the fence about this one, let’s hope I don’t fall over (you see what I did there). Too soon? Anyway, I don’t believe it was necessary to kill the gorilla but I am also not a parent and can’t even imagine what it feels like to see your child next to an animal you fear is dangerous. After watching the video it does come off as if the gorilla has no intention of harming the child – but I am not a gorilla expert so again I can see both sides. But the fact that there is a twitter war about this and so many people are out raged – how about we bring it down a notch guys.

Last but definitely not least, LAUREN CONRAD IS COMING BACK TO MTV.


I mean guys we needed a pick me up from the first two stories. Anyway the rest is about to be written! Am I on a roll or what? Can you believe that it has ben 10YEARS since the premier of The Hills! No idea where the time has went but so glad it has brought us to this moment. The Hills: That Was Then, This is Now is a special by MTV for the 10 year anniversary of the show and all the drama it brought us. LC (that’s what her friends call her) is going to talk about the series and hopefully throw some secrets in there. So get yourself a few bottles of wine, call up your high school bffs (even if you haven’t talked since the show ended) and pop some popcorn because on August 2nd at 10PM all our dreams are coming true!