Guilty Pleasure

The Bachelorette Recap – Meet The Men

If you follow me on twitter  – if you don’t, sucks for you – then you know that I have recently become OBSESSED with The Bachelor. Last season with boring banging Ben was my first time watching a season all the way through. I have now proudly joined #BachelorNation and I am sure I will never regret it.

Last season I was rooting for the extension beauty that is JOJO, she was just perfect in every way from looks to personality and I mean we all saw on the hometown date that her parents are LOADED – so thats an obvious plus. I was more than excited when she was named The Bachelorette after Ben dumbed her for his dull companion Lauren B.

With the premier being last night we got a chance to meet the men, some who would take it to the end and others that mistakably packed for a long stay but would be leaving 5 hours later. So I printed out my bracket, sat on my couch and got ready to judge these guys. So I am going to got through some of my thoughts throughout the night, maybe even add in some of my tweets.

  1. Jordan  – Hot, smooth talker and will definitely go all the way but don’t trust him
  2. Alex – Just a little cutie (no seriously guys he is little)
  3. Superfan – I want to join his watch party, looks INTENSE
  4. Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.02.23 AM
  5. Evan – The weird specialist
  6. Grant – The firefighter with the cliff chin, anyone remember Fairly Odd Parents?
  7. Ali – Reminds me of Aladdin but Jojo is definitely NOT his Jasmine
  8. James Taylor – HAWT and can sing, he will be in the top 3 for sure
  9. Chad – I mean he is perfect but most likely a serial killer so not sure how that will end up
  11. An Asian in a kilt… no comment
  12. Damn Daniel (Canadian Version) is very annoying but will make for good TV
  13. Jojo likes Jordan , Jordan likes Jojo, Guys will end up hating Jordan – The End.
  14. A lot of drunk men are going home tonight
  15. 3 black guys – good one ABC show us your not racist

Trust me, I had a lot more thoughts but want to save my long recaps for when things start to get real. And by the look of the previews we are in for a an exciting and drama packed season!






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