The Never Ending Job Search

Even though I just graduated this past Thursday, I have been on the hunt for a job since February. No, this isn’t because I am an over achiever – I am – it is because I was afraid I would end up exactly were I am at this VERY moment. Sitting on my couch in my parents house, eating like a depressed high school girl who just broke up with her cheating boyfriend and watching Kardashian re-runs.


It is hard to imagine that this is where I am because when I think about it… I did everything I was suppose to do. I went to college, worked hard, had amazing internships and graduated – but still I happen to be unemployed. As stated I have been applying for MONTHS, used every job/career site that you can think of. For the past four months I have sent more than a hundred emails – not exaggerating for once in my life- printed many resumes and gone on a couple of interviews and still NOTHING.

Obviously I have family and friends telling me it is not a big deal and not to worry but they either have their own jobs or are in my exact position and in denial themselves. I am obviously not giving up because I can not just sit on this couch forever. But it is hard not to get defeated when you have worked so hard and feel as if you have done everything right up until this point.

For all the recent graduates and millennials check out this amazing article from thelala on how these life skills can change your life!

JNOLAISM: Even though it is a challenging search, do not give up. Unless your family owns their own company then definitely give up and go work for them you lucky girl you! – Also I have become then queen of job searching – hey I might not get the job but I can always find them.



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