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Murad – The Mother of all Beauty Products

We all have dark spots, some more than other. I am apart of the more category because I am pimple popper – it has become a hobby. I LOATHE seeing a pimple more than one day and when I see that it is ready to be popped I just have to – sorry to my dermatologist.

After making a former classmate now turned friend write down her skin routine (because her skin was FLAWLESS) I know the secret of how to get rid of those annoying dark spots. I know  guys, I am basically the second coming for sharing this information with you all! Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 12.01.04 AM.png

Okay , so first off the product is called Rapid Age Spot And Pigment Lighting Serum  which in human words means that it evens out your skin tone making you look as fabulous as Beyonce and J.Lo (maybe not really but you get the gist). Second, I am a bougie diva on a very tight budget, I like the best of the best but I buy it wisely – my boyfriend may not agree but hey we can’t please them all. So if you click the link you will see that this VERY small bottle is $60.00 – if you can afford it then you go girl! But if you can’t – hop on over to Sephora with me!

Sephora being the magically kingdom that it is sells the Radiant Skin Renewal Kit that includes a cleanser, radiance serum, lighting serum and moisturizer for $45.00! I mean you can’t beat that – even though the lighting serum is smaller then the $60.00 one above, this bargain gives you the chance try out the product while saving a few extra bucks! I have been using the kit for almost a month now and see a MAJOR improvement in my skin, so this is a must buy for all my beauty lovers.

JNOLAISM: As millennials we have to take care of our skin for the future. Do you think Jane Fonda got the way she is by sleeping with her makeup on and not washing her face? Exactly, so treat your face as a mother treats her new born baby!







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