Guess Who’s Back?

After almost 8 months I have decided to come back to my baby (JNOLAISM). I stopped blogging because I felt as if I had nothing to talk about – which is odd coming from me. Now approaching my graduation – 2 DAYS AWAY – I thought it was time to grace you all with my presence again.

This will also get my father off my back about asking what I am doing with my blog (Happy now Reggie?). If you have noticed I have moved my blog from Tumblr to WordPress because now that I am coming into a new phase of my life I thought a change would be nice. Starting over on WordPress is giving me the chance to really do what I wanted from the beginning with this blog ; to vent about my life but also share the obstacles I go through in life with you all and giving my take on the day-to-day struggles of a recent graduate.

With all that being said; Jnolaism will be the same light hearted, sarcastic, inspirational, and trendy blog that it was on Tumblr but with a new direction. As stated I graduate in two days so my trials and conflicts are changing into a different realm. I am no longer the college girl juggling internships, jobs, and a  boyfriend miles away. But now a recent grad, with no money, on the hunt for a job and a busy boyfriend who is only 10 min away but works 24/7.

We are all just trying to figure where we are going in this world and thats what I am here for. Not to steer you in the right direction because I am just as lost as you are. Jnolaism will point you in the direction I think makes the most sense – doesn’t mean I am right, even though I most likely am. So in the words of my fairy glam-mother Nene Leakes  “Pick your faces off the floor, she’s back!”






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